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The Canine Training Concepts Difference...

With thousands of dog trainers in the World, it's hard to decipher who the best dog trainer is and what makes each one different.  The Internet doesn't help much as people can spin anything and who would be the wiser?  Here are a few things that make Canine Training Concepts different:

EXPERIENCE - We have over fifty years of experience between us.  We've trained a lot of dogs and we know how to get results from each dog as an individual. There are a lot of theories, techniques, approaches, etc... in dog training.  We know how to determine the right one for your dog and your situation.

We realize that this individualistic approach is the current "fad marketing verbage" for dog trainers but we've been performing dog training this way long before it became the latest marketing craze.  It's what we actually do.  ...Not just what we post on a Web site.

RESULTS - We get it. We wont waste your time or money with an ineffective cookie-cutter training program. We'll evaluate your dog, give you an honest assessment for your goals and needs, and design a training program that works for you and your dog to succeed.  Then we'll make it happen.  It's that simple.

OUR CLIENTELLE - From Hollywood celebrities to Fortune 500 CEO's, we've had the honor of training dogs for some very discriminating clients.  We invite you to view our partial client list.  These folks only go with the best of everything in life.  They came to us for help with their dogs.  Shouldn't you? (Click HERE to view our client list)

RESPECT OF OTHER TRAINERS - There's a saying among dog trainers that the only thing two dog trainers can agree upon is what the third dog trainer is doing wrong.  So, you know, when other professional trainers say you're one of the best trainers in America, there must be something to it. We were honored to be named as a "Top 5 Trainers in America" by professional dog trainers and breeders.  Not only that but we regularly have professional dog trainers from around the World come to us for help with their own dogs and to learn what we know.  Now THAT'S saying something!

HONESTY AND INTEGRITY- We don't make any claims we can't back up.  As a former Police Officer and ARMY Veteran, we believe our word is our bond and stand by everything we say - whether it's about our experience, our accomplishments, our clients, or our training. We're proud of what we've accomplished over the decades.  We have nothing to hide and no reason to mislead. It just brings bad ju-ju... And who wants that?



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