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LES FLORES - Owner / Trainer
Les Flores is a retired California Police K-9 Officer and has been training dogs for over thirty-five years in the areas of Police K-9, narcotic detection, Schutzhund, SAR, AKC obedience, show and executive / family protection. Les is an Internationally known dog trainer and regularly gives seminars on topics such as drive training theory and practical application as well as competitive handling techniques in the sport of Schutzhund.

Les has won hundreds of awards in both Police K-9 and Schutzhund competitions and loves the thrill of high competition on the International scale. He is sought after and helps other professional dog trainers around the World with their personal dog training issues. He was voted as a Top-Five Protection dog trainer by professional trainers and breeder of the highly competitive and discriminating online forum - The Pedigree Database. 

Les was the National Training Director of DVG America, an all-breed dog sport organization, for eight years.  He has trained some of the best protection helper / decoys in the country and helped thousands of people explore and enjoy the sport of Schutzhund from all angles.  Additionally, his training and certification program has been adopted by or is the foundation of numerous dog sport clubs and organizations here in the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia. 

Les still actively trains and competes with his dogs. He is currently working two young dogs, a Belgian Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd, for competition and plans to begin campaigning these dogs in late 2015.dara2

Les's affinity for both the working Belgian Malinois and the Dutch Shepherd breeds has prompted him to do some amazing things.  He started the Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America (WDSAA) in 2008 to help promote the Dutch Shepherd Dog as a viable and healthier working dog for police and sport and to help bring the breed back from the edge of extinction.  He was the president of the WDSAA until 2014 and moved to the Vice President position of that organization to allow some diversity within the growing organization.  He is, once again, the president of WDSAA and looks forward to building the organization in the future.  Les was briefly the President of the World Dutch Shepherd Federation (DSWF) but, due to political issues, is now the Vice President of that organization.  He is also a board member of the American Working Malinois Association (AWMA) to promote the working Malinois. And, finally, he is the founder and president of Cascade Schutzhund Club -  A multi organizational working dog club in Olympia, WA.

Whether it's obedience, a behavior issue or simply better handling skills, Les' real-world experience combined with his outstanding and proven training abilities ensures that our clients receive safe, reliable dogs to suit their individual situations and needs.



DARA HUNT FLORES - Owner / Trainer
Dara has over twenty-seven years experience training dogs for pet obedience, narcotic detection, and the sport of Schutzhund.  She has competed and trained dogs to the National Championship level.   She is a strong proponent of 3-phase drive and puppy foundation training and teaching dogs how to learn using their genetic instincts. 

Dara specializes in training puppies and finds great pleasure in the moment when a puppy "gets it."  To her, that "moment" is better than any trophy.  She is a master at creating training programs to fit the way an individual puppy learns. The results she achieves are happy, well trained puppies that willingly, naturally and enthusiastically want to work.dara2

Dara was a founding member and Vice President of the Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America (WDSAA) until 2014.  She resigned this position to focus on raising and home schooling her son, providing dog training assistance to her clients, raising puppies, and providing animal husbandry needs for the de las Flores Kennel breeding program breeding both Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Dogs.  She remains the Vice President of the Cascade Schutzhund Club - a multi-organizational working dog club located in Olympia, WA. 

Dara is a ghost writer for numerous dog training related articles which have been published in organizational magazines, international news papers and online.  Her knowledge of drive theory and ability to explain it in laymen's terms makes for some intense and enlightening discussion. 

Dara is an honorably discharged ARMY Veteran serving both in South Korea and the Pentagon. She began her military career training with a Military Police Battalion and moved to top secret communications support for such entities as the White House, The Pentagon, DEA, NSA, Air Force One, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and numerous other government agencies which required a top secret security clearance. She was also a Ground Controller for the Air Force Satellite program and participated in the launch of a communication satellite from the cargo hold of Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-44). 

Dara understands the need for a high level of discipline, training, and confidentiality required to train dogs and respects the privacy needs of our clients.


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