We're glad our clients think so highly of us. We regularly have visitors from across the country and around the World come and train with us or ask us to come to them.

For those busy clients who require building or perimeter searches of their homes or business, have unique scenarios that they would like to proof, or would simply like a more in-depth handling course in their own environment, we offer private instruction and family security consultation anywhere in the World.

Our friendship, camaraderie, training knowledge, professionalism and desire to train dogs and handlers to their fullest potential is what brings clients to us and keeps them coming back time and time again.

Below is a sampling of letters we've received from some of our enthusiastic and satisfied customers.

"...We engage the services of Les Flores on an ongoing basis. I have had the opportunity to observe Les in a variety of training environments with a variety of people and dogs. I have consistently been impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I have found that Les is highly respected by his peers, to include those in law enforcement, the sport of schutzhund and, as in our case, real world security needs. We continue to trust Les with the most sensitive areas of our business, homes and family. I can comfortably recommend him for any form of K9 training." 
~ JB Douglas - Thornwood Castle Owner (Lakewood, WA)

"Hello Les,

Great pictures of Eran, great head on him, and very intimidating in your face kind of guy, I would definitely STOP on command if told to do so.

I want to thank you for all the help you pass on to Emily. I trained with her yesterday, knee replacement surgery set us back on training a few months so she has been handling Ice for me to get him back in step and retrain me as well.  He responded so well to her last Saturday, I knew I needed her help for me. She did a excellent job with him again, and worked with me to teach me some skills I need to use with him.  When I told her how much I appreciated her help with him and what a great job she did to clearly explain what I needed to do, she said, "maybe I am learning from Les".

She had a great time when she was in Washington and is so excited to be headed up again to TRAIN. She had never trained sooooooo much and loved every minute up there.

Thanks again for reaching out to our youth. Emily is a good trainer and loves what she does, I am glad you are such a positive influence to her."
~ Linda

"...Les Flores has a cure for every problem my three-year-old German Shepherd and I have faced.  I have had the opportunity to watch Les work with many breeds of dogs and their handlers in obedience, tracking, protection and agility and I can honestly say that Les will get you the results you are looking for. He is professional on and off the field.  He is a straight shooter and pulls no punches. He is in no way abusive to the dogs that he trains. I recommend Les Flores to you for what ever type of canine training you are looking for."
~ Ray Bedford - Retired (Hood Canal, WA)

"...Working with Les is like having Mark Spitz teaching you how to swim.”
~ M. Rambeau

"... I loved my dog before I sent her to Les and Dara for training but she was just too much. Now, she's a joy to be around and I feel like she's part of the family. Thanks, guys!"
~ S. Buse - Caregiver (Muketeo, WA)

"...Kiitos is doing great! He's adjusting to life in the house well and is discovering his "off" button while we sit and watch a movie.  Thanks again for the opportunity to own such an awesome dog!" 
~ Miranda W. - Veterinary Tech (Rochester, WA)

"...I can't believe how much I learned from Dara and Les in such a short period of time! The changes in my dog in one weekend were absolutely AMAZING! Suddenly, my dog was having fun and so was I. When can I come back again for more?"
~ J. Carlo - Professional Body Builder (Boise, ID)

"...I have had the pleasure and privilege to train with Les for the last several years. He is is not only an excellent trainer and helper, knowledgeable and talented in the sport. He is also highly ethical, fair, and honest. Les is all about the people and the dogs. He has one-tenth of the ego of those with a fraction of the talent or accomplishment. Just good people-plain and simple." 
~ N. Cottrell - Lawyer (Seattle, WA)

"...Les and Dara have a unique understanding and deep commitment to helping others train and understand their dogs. I learned so much in such a short time! By making my dog strong and balanced in all of his drives, the exercises came naturally and clearly. My dog has surpassed ALL of my expectations. Anybody watching him just says, ''WOW!"
~ R. Hill - Professional Retirement Care (Mukilteo, WA)

"...When I first met Les and Dara, I learned more in this one day of training than I had in the entire previous five years training dogs. I was so impressed that I moved my whole kennel closer to them just to take advantage of their expertise. With their combined knowledge, experience, and real understanding of K-9 drives, Les and Dara evaluate all of my puppies and design a training program appropriately suited for each individual dog. I appreciate their honest evaluation. It has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend their training to anyone. You'll be amazed at what you and your dog will learn."
~ K. Mull - American Defender K-9 Founder (Tumwater, WA)

"...Les' understanding of K9 behavior, talents and patience as an instructor have made it possible for me to obtain my certification as a trail helper in both DVG AMERICA and SCHUTZHUND USA. The dog training skills I learned from Les not only help me in all phases of dog sport but his instructions concerning domestic obedience has helped me manage two challenging high-drive dogs around my family with confidence."
~ K. Meacham - Former Snohomish City Councilman (Seattle, WA)

"...With Les' help, patience, and constructive criticism, he has helped my training progress immensely. I highly recommend the workshop to competitive handlers or those who want to gain experience in the sport. In 2002, I sent Les my SchH III Belgian Malinois, Nico, to polish his training. I knew it was the right decision when Les and Nico became the 2004 DVG America National Champions, competed at the Malinois World Championship, and competed in the DHV Deutsche Meisterschaft all in the same year. Les went way beyond my expectations with Nico and, together, they earned Nico's IPO III and his FH I titles. Thanks, Les. What a ride!"
~ D. Wray - Owner of Nicodemus les Ombres Valeureux, SchH III / IPO III, FH I, 2004 DVG VPG 3 National Champion
(Durango, CO)

"...Les, you are a genius: The problem I was having with Deja jumping at my face in the finish I think has been resolved by the technique you showed me when you were here. This past weekend I practiced that with her and then I had her sit in front of me and do the finish, and she did not jump at my face. She jumped and flipped around and sat. It was perfect :) Thanks for you help." 
~ K. Overfield - Corporate Purchase Manager (West Jordan, UT)

"...Thanks so much for finding such good people for Angus. It made our day to learn that  his new owner is a perfect match. He deserves a good family !!! Thanks again." 
~ M. Casey - Police Officer (Eugene, OR)

"...I've put over 60 training titles on my dogs over the past 30 years and I've done my share of winning. When I was lucky enough to find Les and Dara I felt like a novice again. I have never seen trainers that are able to switch gears for each breed like Les and Dara do. I consider myself damn lucky to be able to learn from them."
~ D. Jessup - Published Author (Olympia, WA)

"...We had such a great time at the Les Flores seminar this past weekend. He is such a great person and trainer." 
~ sdshow

"...Les will demystify much of what you my have heard about schutzhund. Has an ease about him with full knowledge of what he is talking about.  He has a lot of years in dogs and is a pleasure to talk to. He knows who is good in schutzhund and who is shady. He will not disappoint you."  ~ MainlyMax


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